WordPress and WooCommerce Websites

What should be a smart website?


Due to the increasing use of tablets and mobile phones for browsing the Internet, the website must be displayed correctly and quickly on all devices.

Corresponding to your brand

Many of your customers will look at your site before deciding whether to contact you at all. Therefore, emphasize that the site reflects your professionalism and quality.

Easily customizable

That’s why we specialize in WordPress-based web sites, which allow you to make very simple edits of content, as well as adding new articles, products, advertisements, and so on. We create a guide and also provide basic training for every project.

Creating new opportunities

Your site should be a major tool for creating new opportunities, whether in a business or personal environment.

How can we help you?

Website development

I need to create a website for myself or for a company

adding / editing content

responsive design

professional look


E-Commerce solution

I need to create e-commerce website

fully editable and expandable

professional but simple

quick launch


Other Services

I need to do a detail on my website or a site maintenance

redesign of the website

cleaning and updating WordPress

Migration to new hosting

bulk export / import of data / products

web / eshop maintenance

product updates - price changes, photos...