Creating and managing e-commerce – eshop on the WooCommerce platform. This global platform allows you to create an online store with plenty of powerful features that are found right in the basic version of WooCommerce. The main advantages of this platform are:

Sell anything! From physical products and digital downloads to subscriptions, services, meetings, with WooCommerce you can sell everything.

WooCommerce is an open source, which means that you can edit or change the page, completely. You have complete control over the site, so you can add an unlimited number of products and also receive an unlimited number of orders.

WooCommerce is free of monthly charges, and the launch of a new ecommerce is really fast.

Send your products where you want them, or just to the specified countries. When you set up a store, you can choose free shipping or flat rate shipping. If you want to send your products only to specific countries, you can easily set them up.

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